Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Custom Crochet for Nativity Scene Snow

I had a cheap looking fake snow base for my heirloom nativity scene. I wanted something homemade and special to complete the ceramic figurines made by my mother. I used the methods for custom crochet to double crochet a base in exactly the shape and size of the corner couch sectional where I display the nativity scene each year. It was an odd shape that I can only describe as an upside down candy corn shape. I used a template and laid the crocheted work out frequently as I crocheted to ensure it fit correctly.

Once I had the double crocheted custom shape finished, I used the loop stitch to create the bumpy snow. The loop stitch is simply a chain of 5 single crocheted to the post of every other double crochet in each row. I began by chaining and single crocheting a loop to the post of every double crochet stitch, but this was too bulky. To help the ceramics rest flatly, I used a disappearing pen for sewing to outline the position of each character in the nativity scene, including the barn. As I made the loop stitch "snow," I intentionally skipped the outlined areas. The result was nativity scene snow with a flat area for each ceramic figuring to rest safely.

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