Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Iron On Transfers for Embroidery

Iron On Transfers for Embroidery

When I was a young girl my mom transferred these patterns to tea towels and embroidered them. She also taught me how to embroider with these same iron on transfers. Later, when I became an adult and moved out on my own, she passed the towels on to me. I have always treasured them.
I was happy (and rather surprised) to see the Aunt Martha's iron on transfer patterns that we used in the 1970s are still available online! These transfer patterns can be used to embroider, or cross stitch, just about any kind of fabric including hand towels, quilts, and Christmas stockings.

How Do They Work?

1. Iron the image onto any fabric.
2. Embroider or cross stitch.
3. Wash. The image disappears.

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Embroidered Tea Towel

Below is a photo of my 37 year old tea towel. It has seen better days, but few towels have ever been so loved and cherished as this hand embroidered towel from my mother.

Embroidered Tea Towel

Embroidered Tea Towel
Embroidered Tea Towel

All Things Domestic

This set includes 2 of the modern pattern books, rather than envelopes. The first book features images and phrases about the kitchen and cooking. The second book is all about sewing. The sewing book comes with an image to embroider custom tags. For example, you can embroider, "handmade by Mary!" on your latest creation with this iron on transfer.

Animal, Flower and Holiday Books - of Iron On Transfers

Aunt Martha's Clever Kitties Embroidery Transfer Pattern Book Kit
Aunt Martha's Clever Kitties Embroidery Transfer Pattern Book Kit
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Embroidery on Ebay

If you love embroidery, but you don't have time to do it, you can often find vintage embroidery for sale online. The sale prices are ALWAYS a steal for the time and effort invested. Support a crafter by purchasing someone else's handy work.

Which Do You Prefer

The Aunt Martha's patterns that I remember as a child came in the yellow envelopes. They are seen as "sets" above and sometimes sold individually. More recently, Aunt Martha's has started publishing their iron on transfers in books. Which do you prefer?
Which type of iron on transfers do you prefer and why?

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