Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Crochet an Oval Rug

This is a modern pattern to create an oval for making a doily, table runner, or rug without a seam. The traditional method of creating an oval requires the work to be turned after each row, creating a gap in the work that is slip stitched together creating a seam. This modern method of creating an oval produces no seam, for a more uniform piece of work.
  1. Make a slipknot and insert the crochet hook into the loop.
  2. Chain 25.
  3. Turn the chain and double crochet back across it beginning in the 4th chain from the crochet hook. When this step is finished, the foundation row of the oval will be 8 inches wide.
  4. Do not turn the work. Continue to double crochet around the side and bottom of the foundation row. Double crochet around the outside of the oval, never turning the piece.
  5. When double crocheting around the sides of the oval, "increase stitch" three times on each side. To increase stitch, double crochet twice in a single stitch of the previous row. The result is two double crochets occurring in one double crochet from the last row. Increase stitching allows the oval to expand and grow in stitches as the oval gets bigger. It will also keep the oval from bunching and gathering.
  6. After you reach the fifth round of the oval, increase stitch 6 times around each edge of the oval, for a total of 12 increase stitches in each round. Spread the oval out occasionally on a flat surface to ensure it is not gathering.

Changing the Size of the Oval Rug

A chain of 25 creates a foundation row that is 8 inches wide. Changing the length of the beginning chain will change the overall appearance of the oval. A longer beginning chain produces a longer oval. A short beginning chain creates an oval that is more rounded. The width of the foundation row increases approximately 1 inch for every 3 chain stitches.

Supplies Needed

The oval rug in the photo is 3 feet long by 2½ feet wide. Worsted weight yarn was used to create this rug. One skein of the center rug color, 2 skeins of the 2nd color and 3 skeins of the outer rug color will be needed. Double crocheting with 2 pieces of yarn at once will create a heavier rug. When crocheting with only one yarn, use a hook that is 4.5 mm – 5.5 mm. When crocheting with 2 yarns, use a crochet hook that is 9 mm or larger.

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