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How to Join Granny Squares

How to Join Granny Squares Together to Make an Afghan, Purse, Shrug, or Anything Else

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If you are learning to crochet, you might be wondering how to join granny squares. The first and most important step is to lay all the squares out and arrange them in a pattern that pleases you before you begin. This is the fun part! Experiment with different layouts and get the look you want before you begin joining the squares.

There are 2 basic methods for joining the granny squares:
1. Yarn Needle (Sewing Method)
2. Crochet Hook (Crochet Method)

In addition, there are several ways to join a granny square with a yarn needle and several ways to join the squares with a crochet hook. Below are detailed instructions for each of the joining methods and a picture of the outcome. Scroll down and choose the method that best resembles the look you hope to achieve.
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Whip Stitch

Sewing (or Yarn Needle) Method

Whip Stitch with Yarn Needle - Sewing Granny Squares to Join ThemThe sewing method creates a flatter finish and works best for joining squares are not identically sized.

1. Place the squares wrong side up and side by side.
2. Connect the squares in the bottom corners by tying the yarn in a square knot. You will be working from the bottom to the top.
3. Use the yarn needle to sew through the first two loops of the outer double crochet stitch on the right side.
4. Next, sew through the adjacent outer two loops of the granny square on the left side.

5. Continue to sew back and forth between the loops until you reach the tops of the squares. Tie off the yarn.

Attach the next granny square to these squares using the same method until you have a long row of squares. After you have joined several rows, you can sew the rows into a finished blanket or afghan. Sewing rows together is easier than sewing individual squares, because it requires less tying off of the yarn.

(Whip stitching loosely will keep the squares from "bunching up.")

Overcast Stitch

Needle Method

The overcast stitch method of joining granny squares is exactly like the whip stitch seen above, but you use the needle to sew through both loops on the granny square, instead of just one loop.

Slip Stitch

Crochet Hook Method

The slip stitch is a type of crochet stitch that requires the yarn to be hooked with the crochet hook and pulled through all loops on the crochet hook. To slip stitch the granny squares together, begin with the right sides of the squares facing each other.
1. Tie the squares together in the right corner.
2. Working across toward the left side, slide the crochet hook through the back loops opposite each other on each granny square. (There should be 3 loops on the hook when you are done. The beginning loop and the two back loops from the double crochets on the granny square.)

3. Yarn over and pull it through all three loops. There is now one loop left on the crochet hook.
4. Repeat by sliding the crochet hook through the next set of loop pairs, yarn over and pull through. Continue until you reach the corner of the squares.
5. Tie off the yarn and use the crochet hook to weave the excess end of the yarn through the granny square stitches.

Slip Stitch with Chain Stitches

Crochet Hook Method

This is the same method we just used above, accept between each slip stitch there are chain stitches made. The additional chain stitches, placed between the slip stitches, add extra crochet between the granny squares, instead of just having the stitched directly to one another.


Needle Method

This method of sewing granny squares together ensures that the yarn always matches the squares. After crocheting each granny square, leave a tail 18 inches long on each square. When you are ready to sew the squares together, place the back sides together. The tails on both squares should hang on the right side. The square facing you should have a tail hanging from the top right and the other square should have a tail hanging from the bottom right.

Sew up through all loops, then back down through the next set of 4 loops. Continue sewing up and down through all 4 loops (2 loops from each square) until you have reached the end of the square. The tail remaining will be used to attach the rows of granny squares together.

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