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Crochet Shell Stitch - iPad Cover

Crochet the Shell Stitch

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The shell stitch is my favorite crochet stitch. I love it because it of it's wavy, lacy appearance. Anything crocheted with the shell stitch comes out looking like a masterpiece. You don't have to worry that you can't do it. If you can double crochet, you can make this stitch.

The photo here is an iPad cover that I made using the shell stitch. I also like to make wash cloths with it. I am an avid loom knitter and when making knitted afghans and blankets, the shell stitch around the edge adds a feminine finish to the project.


How to Crochet the Shell Stitch

Foundation Chain
1. Chain 26. (You will begin with a foundation chain of 6 chains for each shell in the first row. Our first row will have 4 shells, so we are going to chain 24 + 2 for our turning chain.)

Row 1:
Shell 1
2. In the second stitch from the hook, single crochet.

3. Skip 2 chains. In the 3rd chain from the hook, double crochet 5 times.

4. Skip 2 chains. Single crochet in the 3rd chain from the hook.

Shell 2-4

5. Repeat steps 3 – 4 three more times.

Row 2:
Half Shell
6. Chain 1. Turn. Skip the chain stitch that you just made and double crochet 3 times in the 2nd stitch from the hook.

Three Full Shells
7. Skip 2 stitches. In the 3rd stitch from the hook, single crochet one time. (This should be the top of the shell from the previous row.)

8. Skip 2 stitches. In the 3rd stitch from the hook, double crochet 5 times. (This should be the lowest point of the previous row, between two shells.)

9. Repeat steps 7 – 8 two more times.

Half Shell
10. Skip 2 stitches and double crochet 3 times in the 2nd chain from the hook.

Finish the Work
11. Chain 1. Turn. Repeat row 1. Repeat row 2. Continue this step until you have 16 rows.

How to Use the Shell Stitch in Patterns

When I make a washcloth with the shell stitch, I simply crochet 16 rows and tie it off as instructed above. It makes a very feminine cloth for bath time. Give it away as a special gift by pairing it with some bath salts or bubble bath.

iPad Cover
I made the shell stitched iPad cover above by crocheting one panel 16 rows long. The first panel is the front. I then made a second panel that was 24 rows long. The second panel is the back. I used thread to sew the panels together. Line the panels up at the bottom, leaving the extra 8 rows at the top of the back panel. Sew a button on the top of the front panel. Place the button about an inch from the top. The extra 8 inches of the back panel is simply turned down and buttoned to the front.

Shell Stitch Blanket
As I said I’m partial to shell stitches, but I think most people would agree that they make gorgeous blankets. Expand on the instructions above making the foundation chain as wide as you would like your blanket. The foundation chain must be done in multiples of 6. Always add 2 for the turning chain. (Multiplier of 6 + 2) A infant blanket 3 feet wide would require rows of approximately 16 shell stitches. Each shell stitch is 6 chains, so that is a chain of 96 (6 chains per shell * 16 shells) + 2 = 98 chain stitches.

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