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How to Make a Puffy Flower - Crochet with the Puff Stitch

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One of my favorite flowers to crochet is the puff flower. These flowers are made by crocheting around a ring with a stitch called the puff stitch. Each flower contains 8 puff stitches, or petals. You can build on the center flower with a second row of puffy petals as seen on the left, or you can crochet petals as seen on the right. Why not work them into a granny square? The possibilities for how to use a puffy flower are endless. 

Puff Stitch Flower Instructions

How to Crochet a Puffy Flower

  • 1
    Chain 4. Slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring.
  • 2
    Yarn over.
    Insert the hook into the center of the ring.
    Yarn over again.
    Pull the hook up.

    * Repeat this step 6 times
  • 3
    Yarn over and pull the yarn through all the loops on the hook. There should be 13.

    (The first few times you do this, it may be difficult to do without snagging the yarns. Keep trying! It gets easier after you have done it a few times.)
  • 4
    Chain 1.
  • 5
    Repeat steps 2-4 seven more times to form eight petals.
  • 6
    After the 8th petal is made, slip stitch back to the beginning of the ring of petals.

    Puff Flower Video Instructions

    How to Crochet a Puffy Flower on Video

    I made a little video to help show the steps of a puff flower. This video is strictly the center of the flower with 8 petals. There is another video below explaining how to do a second round of puff stitch petals.

    Hook to Use for Your Puff Stitch Flowers

    Fun Puffy Flower Patterns for Different Sizes

    Puffy Flowers with the Crochet Puff Stitch Look closely again at this photo. The center of the white flower on top and pink flower on the right are slightly smaller. They were started with a chain of 4 and a G size crochet hook was used. The pink flower on the left and the yellow flower on the bottom are slightly bigger in the center because they were started with a ring chain of 6 and an I size crochet hook was used.

    Once you’ve finished the first row of your flower, you can use it as it is to embellish crochet projects. Another option is to continue around the flower a second time making another row of puff stitches. This method is seen on the far left flower. It has a center of pink puff stitches, followed by a row of green puff stitches.

    You can also make granny squares out of these puff flowers. To find out how to do this, visit the granny square tutorial below.

    More Ideas for Your Puffy Flowers

    Puffy Flower Idea Box

    Here you’ll find puffy flowers in a variety of colors and combinations to inspire your next crochet project. You can click any photo below to learn more about it.

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    More Free Flower Patterns by HS Schulte

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